Praying for Capulispungo


Saturday the students in Capulispungo took the exam for book #2. This group of 12 has hung together for the past 3 years. We have been visiting Capulispungo now for 6 years. After the exam I showed some photos from years back, and we meditated together on all God has done. The church continues to be an example for other communities of how the church can work together in theological education and in church development. They continue to improve their church building, and to develop their church programs.
Back in El Tingo, Quito we cleaned out our front house and took some of the furniture to Capulispungo. Two of the shelves are for their kitchen, since they don´t have anywhere to store their dishes and pots. The other shelf is for the pastor´s office. The smaller piece is for a room that the church is allowing us to prepare as a small apartment where we can sleep. We haven´t slept there yet, because of the cold temperatures, but are planning to make some accommodations to solve that.