Retreat en Capulispungo


Believe it or not, this was the first retreat the church has ever done! They wanted to have an extended time together mostly with the leaders. We met and planned with the pastor beforehand. Saturday Faby and I would talk about marriage. All the leaders had to come with their spouses. Then Sunday, our friend Luis Moya and I would talk about the church organization: Ecuadorian laws and the church´s own bylaws. The pastor recruited the youth to do the cooking! In all, the retreat was a big success, so much that they want to do it again. Although the youth want to do a retreat first (and have adults cook for them!).
On Saturday, Faby and I combined our talks with ice-breakers. One of these was to tied the couples together and have them figure out how to separate themselves. We all had a good laugh.
On Sunday, Luis revealed to the congregation that their bylaws allowed them to be much more than a church! They are legally authorized not only to be a church, but also to work with the community in health, education, and economic projects. That was a real eye-opener that's going to take a while to digest!