Preparing for the Exam


The students in Capulispungo take an exam after studying every book, which includes 10 lessons. This Saturday I was preparing them for the exam by reviewing all of the material. It´s interesting to see what themes come out the most. Here are three of them:
1) How did Jesus do discipleship? He sure didn´t hold weekly bible studies with his students. In Matthew 4, when Jesus went throughout Galilee preaching, teaching, and healing, his disciples went along as well. Discipleship was 24/7. That´s what Jesus meant when he said, "Follow me."
2) What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? The image I use is not that of filling a glass to full with water, but rather that of letting God control "the steering wheel of my life." Being filled with the Spirit is not just during a worship service, but during daily living in everything I do.
3) What does it mean that "God is just?" It means that in order to forgive us, someone had to pay the penalty. The class turned deadly silent when I shared this. I assume they had never heard the gospel in that light. Jesus was the only acceptable sacrifice to pay for our sins.
We continue to learn together, and that learning never ceases.