As they say, "Change is here to stay!"


Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the changes going on, but that's life. Sunday, the church in which we have participated for a few years, held it's last service in it's rented local. They have decided to move the services to the pastor's home because of lack of consistent attendance. Here we are celebrating mother's day.
On the other hand, the small church in Quito, which is an extension of Capulispungo, began a two-year bible program. (I forgot to take a photo.) We visited them at 1pm, after their service. I am finding that even though the study books clearly explain what they're supposed to do, they miss the point. So it helped to review the instructions.
And we continue to seek God's guidance as we change from Global Outreach to another organization. All in God's timing and God's plan.