Violin Creates a Stir!

Ruben, pictured below, is a student at the Semila seminary, but he´s also a great musician. We´ve been talking for a while about training some musicians at his church, and this Sunday was the second workshop. In the first, I exhorted them to obtain their own instruments, but didn't see much response. So I was surprised when we arrived and three guitars and a charango showed up with the crowd! They are eager to learn and we're off to a good start. My prayer is to compose songs with them that teach bible passages. The violin made a big impression. Laura, in the last photo, had wanted to learn violin, so I took one with me for her to try. She didn't put it down for 2 hours! It's just a start, but I hope she will purchase her own, and then I can get her started really learning. The violin, as well as the guitar, drum, and charango, is one of the traditional instruments among the Quichua. Maybe I should say "was" because the electronic keyboard is rapidly replacing them.