He teaches better than me!


If someone can do the job better than you, let him do it! Wow! Alejandro Mullo has accompanied me a couple of times to Cachisagua for music workshops, but this time he stole the show! I began the workshop my style. We covered a few bible verses, and began practicing the song we had been learning. Then Alejandro asked me quietly, "Can I lead the singing?" I let him take over, and saw that he knows how to teach his own people. He had them singing, parading, repeating the song over and over, etc. When I returned (the church leaders asked me to attend an emergency session right then) they were learning scales on the guitar. Praise God, he gave us an excellent teacher! Then I realized that this is what we´re looking for as a Foundation: teachers. We can´t do all the work. We´re going to have to broaden our team. Alejandro is first on the list.