Doing theology in Capulispungo


Manuel asked the question, "Where was the cloud in the desert?" That started a discussion about God and clouds. I formulated new questions: "Can God represent himself as a cloud?" "Where in the bible did God reveal himself in a cloud?" That led to a discussion about God controlling natural phenomena. What I admired the most was that the best questions came from the student with the least formal education. My theory is that the best persons for doing indigenous theology are those least influenced by western theology. Then we discussed their worldview: "Do they see God controlling their crops, from sowing to reaping?" Of course they gave a positive answer. Then I asked, "Do your worship services (your liturgy) reflect your rural, agricultural life?" The answer was negative. The rest we left for a future discussion, but the seed was planted. Some day they need to develop a theology that fits their worldview.


Question for thought: as Faby leads a Sunday school class for children, what worldview will they develop as they grow up in a changing and migrating world?