As we close the year 2016, God is reminding me what discipleship really is: to work through others. The discipleship process is to train someone else to take your place. That implies letting them do as much of the work as possible right from the beginning.

The last two weekends we have sponsored Christmas programs for several Quichua communities. Our method has been to work through local church leaders. These are some of them:

Segundo not only set up the Christmas programs in three communities (Santa Julia, Santa Lucia, and Gulag Huaico), but he has also set up a bible program for us to teach in the same communities..

Ruben is not the pastor of Cachisagua, but he`s the pastor´s right hand man. He´s a wonderful musician and put together a children´s choir for the Christmas program.

Marco, in Capulispungo, continues to work with the children. We need to find time to train him in the children´s ministry.

In Capulispungo, Faby has won the confidence of some of the women. They have a lot of potential in the church.

And not just with the Quichua. Here, a friend of ours from Quito is giving out bags of candy in the Quichua community. Jhonny found sponsors for the candy bags and made a 4 hour drive to join us. He´s growing slowly in the Lord, and we pray for time to disciple him.

Continue to pray with us for wisdom on how to reproduce Christ in these disciples.