God's leading


I wanted to visit the church youth group in preparation for a retreat we are planning with them for April. We were impressed with a group of 25 youth, practicing for a Sunday presentation with military discipline. After an hour and a half of rehearsal, they ended and we spoke for a while with the youth leaders. A man interrupted our meeting to say, "The leaders of the church would like to speak with you." We had no idea what they wanted. The church leaders were meeting at the same time as the youth, and they wanted to know who we were. The pastor already knew us, but no one else did. Luis and I shared with them our ministry with the Foundation. In the end, Luis took a good half hour to explain to them our project "Nucanchik." Another half hour of question followed. They are very interested in the project! This is how God is leading us in many communities. We start with bible, music, or youth and end up discussing a community, economic project. Prov. 16:3