Teaching theology through music


I keep trying and praying to use music to teach the bible. This Sunday in the music workshop in a community called Cachisagua, we finally were able to make an attempt at composing a new song based on a Bible parable: The Hidden Treasure (Mt 13:44). First we studied the passage. Then we made an outline, and finally put together the verses, using a known melody. The result: (not bad in just one hour)


Escuchen todos les va a gustar
(Listen everyone, you´re going to like this)

Una historia que vamos a cantar
(A story we are going to tell)

Había un hombre que estaba en el campo
(There was a man in the field)

Trabajando un tesoro encontró
(While working found a treasure)

Al encontrar lo escondió
(When he found it, he hid it)

Y muy contento regresó
(And very happy returned)

Fue a su casa pensando qué hacer
(He went home and thought about what to do)

Y decidió comprar el terreno
(And decided to buy the land)

Al preguntar el dueño respondió
(When he asked, the owner answered)

Te va a costar todo lo que tienes
(It will cost you all you have)

Al regresar todo lo vendió
(He returned and sold everything)

Y lo compró y se hizo rico
(And bought the land and became rich)

Por eso hermano piénsalo bien
(Therefore brother, think wisely)

Que Dios quiere todo, todo para El
(God wants everything, everything for Him)

Si tú le das todo nada perderás
(If you give him everything, you won´t lose anything)

Tú estás ganando mucho mucho más
(You will gain much much more)