Never know what to expect

We called Ruben in Cachisagua to see if they wanted to start the FLET bible program in their church. He said, "Come this Sunday because there will be four other pastors here too!" I thought we would be going to the church to present the program to four pastors. I have learned here in Ecuador to expect anything, so we went ready for everything. Still, to my surprise, we found the whole church celebrating the inauguration of their men's choir. The Quichua really celebrate BIG! We arrived just as the service was beginning. I lost count of how many other choirs participated in the event. After the message, the men's choir was "sworn-in" and anointed with oil. Then they could present their two well-rehearsed songs. I have also learned that often more is accomplished in the informal moments than in the actual program. Sure enough, after all the celebration and food, some of the church members starting asking about FLET. They really do want to study the bible. So we decided to have them fill out the forms to see who is really interested, and then meet in two weeks to work out the details. That's how it works in the Quichua communities.

The men's choir.

The congregation and guests.

Men's choir performing.

Informal times outside the service.

They feed everybody.

Even the young help.

Almost looks like a pizza.

The group that met afterward to discuss FLET.